Mob.: +371 25713555
Mob.: +371 25713555


  • “Every day for the past three years, my mum has been cared for by her wonderful carers Velta and Oksana. Thanks to their care, my mum’s health has stabilised. They not only perform their immediate duties, but are also sincere conversation partners and look after my mum’s mood and outer appearance. I am also very grateful to them and to SIA “Mājas aprūpe” for my peace of mind.”

    Iveta Ķestere
  • “For the past three years, I have been cared for by Larisa. At first, I was a bit scared, because she was a stranger; how would get along with her … Nationality was not an issue. Now I can say that Larisa helps me so much. She’s so nice and attentive. She’s very, very honest. She always congratulates me on my birthday, in the New Year – this means so much to us old folks. Thank you! A little of my life’s joy has returned.”

    Inta Gruzdiņa
  • “I would like to say – THANK YOU – to my mentor for the professional, content-based and practical advice I’ve been provided with. Many thanks for the simple humanity which I feel during our interactions.”

    Rita Oša
  • “I am a Group 2 invalid, who cannot walk and receive home care, which is performed with a great sense of responsibility and sensitivity by my carer Nadīna. She is selfless, trustworthy, responsible in her job and very helpful. I owe her the greatest debt of gratitude for the difficult job she does as a carer.”

    Silvija Jermaka